Most Mobile Video Consumed on iOS Devices

SAN MATEO, Calif. — A new report has found that nearly 80 percent of mobile video consumption is being done on iOS devices, Flash free.

The study was conducted by video monetization startup FreeWheel, which said that iPhones and iPod Touches each make up 30 percent of the mobile viewing pie while the iPad accounts for another 20 percent. Android devices take up the last 20 percent.

Mobile video is far less popular, making up only about 1 percent of total online video consumption. But, it’s a growing market, one that Apple has been able to capitalize on.

The study said the reason for Apple’s success is based on two factors. One is because Apple got an early lead in mobile video getting users accustomed to watching video on its small-scale devices.

The other is that the early lead gave Apple larger viewership than other devices, which has attracted app developers, which in turn, leads to even greater viewership.