Brazzers $1M Producer Search in Final Round

LUXEMBOURG —, officially ending a search for its next big producer, now has left the final decision to its members.

The producer picked by members will be awarded a $1 million contract and join the Brazzers production team. Brazzers introduced the search online last month.

“We received 13 submissions,” says Frank, Brazzers' director of production. “We’re happy to have gotten responses from American and European producers. This gives our members diversity in the style and interpretation of the finished product.

"Since all auditioning producers were given the same material to work with, it will make it easier for our members to compare and contrast their work.”

The submitted producer audition scenes are now posted for review on, and members are assessing them based on storyline, performance, video quality and photoset quality.

The voting period will run until June 7.

Brazzers says it will reveal the name of the chosen producer, as decided by its members, shortly after the deadline.

"The company is looking forward to adding a new name to its roster of producers, and is pleased to allow its members to be the ones making the choice," a company rep said.