'3D Sex and Zen' to Hit the U.S.

HONG KONG — The 3D porn film “3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy” will soon be available in North America after it was purchased for U.S. distribution.

The film was bought by China Lion Film Distribution, though a release date hasn’t yet been confirmed.

“3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy” has created a buzz in China because of its 3D technology and graphic sex. It made $351,000 on the first day it was released and sold out in theaters the entire first week.

The plot of the fantasy-style film revolves around the Ming dynasty of ancient China and is based on the classic Chinese erotic text, "The Carnal Prayer Mat."

The story follows a young man as he befriends a duke and enters a world of royal orgies and other sexual peccadilloes. The film is a reworking of "Sex and Zen," a 1991 Chinese movie.

"We're looking at as wide as possible a release for this groundbreaking film in North America and are currently working with our theatrical partners AMC for the U.S. and Toronto, Cineplex for Vancouver and Consolidated in Hawaii," China Lion CEO Milt Barlow said. "Announcements are expected in the next few weeks."

According to a recent XBIZ poll on 3D, many in the adult industry aren’t quite sold on the idea. XBIZ found 52 percent of respondents said “there will be limited consumer demand, select producers will profit.”

Another 29 percent said “there will be little to no demand,” and 19 percent said “it will usher in a new era of great profits for the industry.”