Carmen Electra Hosts Opening of New Vegas Burlesque Club

LAS VEGAS — The opening of a new Vegas burlesque saloon and strip club at Planet Hollywood will be hosted by sex symbol Carmen Electra on June 4.

Tucked into the hotel’s Gallery Nightclub, the new PussyCat Dolls Burlesque Saloon will show vintage Bettie Page videos and is equipped with stripper poles, a bejeweled fairground carnival horse, a seductive swing and a diamond-studded bathtub.

According to Las Vegas Weekly celebrity columnist Robin Leach, Electra will open the club as the guest striptease star.

The show’s producer and choreographer Robin Antin told Leach, “It’s unbelievable. I’m so happy with how it’s all turned out. We’ve managed to step it up a million notches. It was amazing when we had the lounge at Pure in Caesars Palace, but this is everything I’d ever dreamed of it becoming.

“These girls really know how to dance. It’s the hottest entertainment you’ll ever see in Las Vegas. It has turned into such hot, nonstop action, people will go away talking about it forever.”

The 20,000-square-foot Gallery club opened at Planet Hollywood on April 15 with a birthday bash for Kourtney Kardashian. The club's rooms — incuding the Pussycat Saloon — “will expose new secrets within its fused contemporary and vintage Gothic designs.” 

The new PussycatDolls Saloon’s “emphasis will be on provocative design and erotic revelry, complete with voyeuristic imagery to explore deep sensual fantasies,”  Leach reported.

Commenting on the club, Antin told Leach that it will be completely different than the former Pussycat club at Pure. "Now this new saloon will be an experience from beginning to end, with something going on from the second you walk in to the very end of the night.

“It has its own entrance and a Gallery club entrance, plus more girls in sexier, different costumes. Definitely outrageous and exotic.  It’s a PCD burlesque saloon, so my version of a brothel look with tight corsets from the Wild Wild West, but with a very modern take. Think Brigitte Bardot meets Raquel Welch," Antin said.

The producer noted that there will be six or seven girls performing three different shows nightly and another six or seven girls on "blinged-out horses, a bathtub in the middle and shot girls dancing on platforms."

“I want women to feel invited for girls night out. They can get up on the carousel horses or dance with the girls. They’ll get to go up onstage and dance. Every woman secretly has a Pussycat Doll inside her waiting to break out. It’s a real Pussycat playground, and we’ll have a revolving series of Hollywood guest stars all wanting to take their clothes off. They trust me, and they know I’m going to make them look good.”