Pipedream Novelty Items Appear in Latest ‘Outsourced’ Episodes

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — The latest two episodes of NBC’s sitcom “Outsourced” feature dozens of Pipedream’s bachelor and gag gifts.

The episodes revolve around the lead character Rajiv’s bachelor party and wedding, with cameos from Pipedream’s Condom Hat, Boobie Gelatin Shooters, Fetish Fantasy Furry Cuffs, Boobie Tassels, and After Sex Towel to name a few.

Pipedream’s CEO Nick Orlandino said he was contacted last year by the show’s producers for consultation, and his signature gag items have been featured on the show ever since.

“Pipedream has been featured on hundreds of TV shows and films in the last decade and it truly validates why Pipedream is No. 1 for fun,” Orlandino said. “We encourage to all writers and producers to consider our products for their next comedy project — they’re guaranteed to make ‘em laugh!”

The show is a workplace comedy about a catalog-based company that sells American novelties, whose call-based customer service center gets outsourced to India. It airs Thursday nights at 10:30 on NBC.

For behind-the-scenes photos and video footage, visit Pipedream’s Facebook page.