Adult Star Mary Carey Takes Shot at Schwarzenegger

PHILADELPHIA — Adult star and political hopeful Mary Carey has jumped on the Arnold Schwarzenegger beat-down, claiming that California should have voted for her in the 2003 gubernatorial recall election.

Carey told the Philadelphia Daily News that the Governor’s philandering is evidence that she was the better choice.

Carey placed 10th in the race that Schwarzenegger eventually won over incumbent Gray Davis.

"I think it proves that I would have been a more honest governor than he was. I have no love children and don't plan on it," Carey said.

"We're in such a fiscal crisis and if Arnold can't be honest to his wife of 25 years, how can we trust him to have been honest to the citizens of California?," Carey said.

The honorary Philadelphian, who still models on her website,, is reportedly considering a run for the White House in 2016, skipping a 2012 bid because the 30-year-old is too young.

Carey couldn't help commenting on the Governor’s mistress’s less-than-attractive looks and told the News, "She is sooooooo ugly!"