HotMovies Releases 'Platinum Paradise' for Limited Time

PHILADELPHIA — has teamed up once again with producer/director Cecil Howard for a special release of "Platinum Paradise."

The film will be screened for one month only with no DVD release or further distribution planned. It can be seen exclusively on starting May 1.

"This beauty was made back in the day when a big porn movie consisted of something more imaginative than a pastiche of average sex and hackneyed one-liners set in the context of a well-known television program," said James Cybert, HotMovies director of business development.

"It features amazing sex and believable dialog and the set up is both original and genre-defining."

The release stars a cast of golden-era talent headlined by Kandi Barbour, Samantha Fox, Vanessa Del Rio, Merle Michaels and Christie Ford.

"This is a great movie," Howard said. "It's a real film with quality performances from all the stars, both in the sack and out. HotMovies viewers have shown a lot of appreciation for everything we've showed them. I can't wait to see the response to 'Platinum Paradise.' Comparing my two similar award-winning movies, I would say 'Platinum Paradise' is better than' Babylon Pink.'"

Previous HotMovies-only releases from Command cinema over the past twelve months were "Scoundrels," "Star Angel" and "Foxtrot."