SpiceCash Launches Hardcore Japanese Site

BOSTON — Affiliate program SpiceCash.com has launched HardcorePunishments.com, an uncensored library of extreme Japanese S&M films.

The ongoing series features three perverse Japanese young men that stalk girls on the streets of Tokyo, abduct them and take them to their dungeon where they subject them to depraved and perverse acts of sadomasochism.

"The story about how this site came to be is a long and interesting one involving an underground Japanese studio that thumbs its nose the Japanese censorship production rules, and a very quiet importer that we have been getting our Japanese content from for the past 14 years or so," said Colin Rowntree, SpiceCash’s founder and CEO.

“About six months ago, our importer came to me with this really remarkable series asking if we would be interested in picking it up. After looking at about five minutes of it, the collective jaws at Wasteland simply dropped at the sheer intensity and novelty of the films and we began development of this site. If it made the Wasteland crew wince, imagine what it will do to the surfers."

The site will be updated twice a week and it is HTML5 compliant. Affiliates have a wide array of tools available to promote, with the choice of PPS or lifetime revenue share, according to the company.

"The other thing that makes this content special,” Rowntree said, “is that these very talented and edgy Japanese producers have borrowed the American 'reality porn' formula and use it as the foundation for shooting. The results are freakishly entertaining."

Wasteland’s SpiceCash has been delivering BDSM erotica, Asian erotica and women's erotica through a variety of specialty web and mobile paysites since 1996.