FreeOnes, SexToyGifts Partner for Model Wishlists

THE NETHERLANDS — Adult model website FreeOnes has partnered with SexToyGifts to create official Wishlists for the girls of FreeOnes.

“Over the last few years, wishlists in general have really taken off with the girls in the adult industry,” business manager Roald said.

He added, “We’ve seen girls post their wishlists on the social networking sites, in their cam shows, and even on our own message board. So when SexToyGifts approached us with the idea of creating official Wishlists specifically for FreeOnes girls, we decided it was a great idea."

The company said that SexToyGifts has an abundant stock of toys, lingerie and even erotic furniture.

Models on the site need only to get a login from FreeOnes and then place items they want on their list.

“Of course the greatest benefit about these wishlists is the fact that we’re only offering them to girls who have been verified as being the real deal. This way when a fan decides to go and treat his favorite girl to a surprise, he knows that it’s really going to the girl and not some imposter,” Roald said.

An official Wishlist is available to any erotic model or porn star that appears on, and is verified by FreeOnes.

Once a model requests an account and completes her wishlist a link will appear in their FreeOnes babe section and on the Wishlist Page.

Girls who have upcoming birthdays will be bumped to the top for the greatest chance of receiving a surprise.

FreeOnes noted that fans will never be given access to the shipping information attached to a girl’s wishlist.

For more information on the official Wishlist email