Paradise Marketing Brings Fertility Lube to Adult Market

Lyla Katz

VISTA, Calif. — Paradise Marketing is now offering the adult market Pre-Seed lubricant, being promoted as an aid to help in conception.

Pre-Seed said its ingredients are sperm-safe while maintaining the vagina’s healthy pH level.

Paradise said it added Pre-Seed into its lineup of big-brand contraceptives, lubricants and other sexual aids in order to bring a necessary and requested intimate product that caters to a specific customer niche rarely tapped in the adult retail market.

"In the lubricant business one of the most common questions asked is, How does this product affect the chances of getting pregnant?" Paradise CEO Dennis Paradise said.

"Pre-Seed is the only lubricant brought to my attention that professes a formula specifically made to counter the negative effects that traditional lubricants can have on sperm and women's natural secretions. By stocking Pre-Seed, adult retail stores will have a trusted product for every customer's sexual motivation."

According to Pre-Seed, its water-based formula is made without ingredients such as glycerin, which may harm sperm by altering the vagina's natural pH level and changing its concentration of sodium ions. The company also said that traditional lubricants, and even saliva or water, can negatively affect sperm's ability to survive the process of conception.

While remedying vaginal dryness, Pre-Seed's thickness and texture is meant to emulate that of natural cervical mucus and comes with a special applicator that deposits the appropriate amount internally to assure the most comfortable intimacy.

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