Launches Blogging Tool for Affiliates

Ariana Rodriguez

LOS ANGELES — has launched a new comprehensive content blogging platform based off of Wordpress’ backend for its affiliates. is a platform that will give affiliates the tools to write reviews about products while integrating the product image, the product information and an “Add to cart” link with the affiliate’s products codes into the body of the reviews on their white label sex toy store.

“We receive dozens of requests from affiliates each month about how to efficiently integrate rich content into their white label stores,” said Dave Levine, CEO of CNV, the parent company of “We created this free tool to make life easier for our affiliates while giving them a robust marketing tool.”

According to the company, one of the key features of the platform is that it will generate SEO-friendly pages from the affiliate’s unique content. has several templates available and affiliates have the choice of using the company’s servers for their blogs, or using the Wordpress plug-in with their own self-hosted domain.