Reality Kings Says Plaintiff Lied About Her Age

MIAMI — Reality Kings has filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit brought by a woman who claims the company featured her runaway, underage daughter in one of its porn films.

The mother, Sherrita Smalley, filed suit last December in Miami-Dade County, claiming Reality Kings “produced a sexually explicit video which portrayed the minor under a stage name of Sweet Bleyanka, nude and engaging in acts of intercourse with actors.”

Smalley claims her daughter, whose real name is Bieyanka Moore, was 15 when she took part in the porn film “Cum Fiesta,” which was marketed and disseminated through the company’s multiple subscription-based Internet websites.

Reality Kings, in its motion to dismiss, said it was fraudulently misled because Moore misrepresented her age not only to Reality Kings but to various state and federal agencies by using someone else’s identity.

The underage plaintiff “procured a valid Nevada drivers permit with her picture on it, which said she was 19 and identified her as Tyler Chanel Evans. The [under-age plaintiff] also procured a print out from the Social Security Administration in Fort Lauderdale dated Aug. 10, 2010, further verifying her assumed identity.”

Reality Kings attorney Stuart Grossman told MiamiNewTimes the company did everything it could to verify her age and immediately took down the video after receiving an anonymous tip claiming she was a minor.

Smalley is seeking in excess of $150,000 in damages.

Grossman was not immediately available to XBIZ for comment.