Red Light Revenue Transitions to NATS

LOS ANGELES — Red Light Revenue, the affiliate program for Red Light District, has completed a transition to the NATS affiliate tracking platform.

“We are very excited about our partnership with Red Light District. They are a prestigious studio and a great addition to our established platform,” said Vlad from Too Much Media.

Michael Santore, VP of internet operations at Red Light District, said, “We look forward to the benefits that the NATS tracking software will provide to us and our affiliates. New payout options, promotional tools, and more robust traffic statistics are just a few of the enhancements that affiliates can look forward too.

"Too Much Media's staff made the transition a breeze and we are proud to be on their established platform. Current affiliate links will automatically translate to the new NATS linking codes, but affiliates are encouraged to update them at their convenience. Our staff worked extensively with Too Much Media to ensure that our affiliates receive full credit for all sales sent to existing links.”

Red Light Revenue's flagship site is, but the company also offers hardcore niche sites such as and Red Light also manages multiple celebrity websites, including

"Other significant improvements are in the works that will add value for our customers resulting in higher commissions for our affiliates," Santore said.

For more information contact Santore at or visit