On the Set: Vivid Superheroes Does 'Spider-Man'

LOS ANGELES — “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark,” the accident-plagued Broadway musical, may be having problems in New York, but on the West Coast the Vivid Superheroes porn parody of the comic is moving along right on schedule.

Under the direction of Axel Braun, who helmed the line’s first releases, “Batman XXX” and “Superman XXX,” Spidey is getting a double workout in “Spider-Man XXX: The Porn Parody” and “Superman Meets Spider-Man XXX: The Porn Parody.” They’re being shot together, over 12 days. Today it’s the latter in front of the camera, in a production loft in the industrial nether reaches of downtown Los Angeles.

At 4 p.m. the lights are ready, and crew and cast members await the arrival of director Braun.

“There’s Spider-Man getting some sleep,” says production manager Shylar Cobi. “He finished an anal scene at 6 this morning.”

He points toward newcomer Xander Corvus, curled up on a dilapidated four-poster bed, a woolen cap pulled over his head and a pretty blonde in his arms.

Eric Masterson, playing arch-villain infamous Lex Luthor, had his head shaved for the part three days ago. “I kind of like it,” he grins. “It’s really smooth, sort of eggshellish.”

Yesterday he had sex with XBIZ Performer of the Year Andy San Dimas, who plays Lois Lane, and he survived a four-way fight with Spider-Man, Superman (Ryan Driller) and Dr. Octopus (James Bartholet). But most of his scenes, as in “Superman XXX,” are with Alexis Texas, as his Girl Friday, Eve Teschmacher.

Alexis, tall and curvaceous, is hanging out with petite, buxom Kagney Linn Karter, who plays Supergirl. They’ll have a sex scene later on, and it won’t be the first time they’ve traded pussy-licks. “Five times,” Kagney specifies. “But never in costume.”

Alexis is in seventh heaven as Miss Teschmacher. “It’s an honor to play the role. I think I make it my own. She’s very charming, she’s got this coyness to her. I identify with her.”

Axel Braun breezes in, practically on fire with enthusiasm, especially for his leading man, Corvus. He’s confident he’ll be the next big male pornstar, not least thanks to super stud power.

“We went until six this morning,” he says, “and he pops three times — huge pops — and keeps on going, without stopping. Amazing. He has martial arts training and does the stunts. And he can act — he’s really good.”

Braun is also high on the actors he recruited for non-sex roles: director Will Ryder, his arch-rival in the parody genre, as Perry White; one-time industry bad boy Rob Black as comic book bad man J. J. Jameson; and in the role of Kingpin, Peter O’Tool, who played the John Goodman character in New Sensations’ “The Big Lebowski XXX.”

His biggest coup, however, was roping in former porn actor and MMA fighter Dick Delaware to play the heavy Electro. “Dick’s in the best shape of his life — three percent body fat. He has a fight scene with Spider-Man, and he was just…scary — beyond the call.”

Xander Corvus, 22, has been working in porn off and on for about a year. He says he used to do mainstream. That’s what a lot of newcomers say, but you can believe that this one, with his teen heartthrob looks, actually did.

As the star of both Spider-Man movies, Xander has lots to do. “Every day I’ve been on the set,” either fucking or fighting. He’s versed in a number of martial arts disciplines — he reels off a whole menu — but ninjutsu is the one he’s studied the most. His Spider-Man costume, he says, has “been through hell with all the stunts.”

He excuses himself to take some Chinese takeout to his girlfriend, who’s still in bed. Her name is Ash Hollywood, and she’s playing his on-screen girlfriend Gwen Stacy.

Speaking of costumes, Alexis has now been poured into hers. It’s all black, from see-thru top to platform heels. The latex tights hug her round, firm bubble butt, making it pop. Kagney in her Supergirl cape looks like she stepped off a comic book page.

Masterson as Luthor, with green gloves and purple boots, is relishing the thought that his Superman-proof missiles will soon be destroying Los Angeles and…Hoboken.

The camera, on a dolly track, starts on Lex’s face and pulls back to show an uninvited guest, the Man of Steel’s cute cousin. Braun shows the camera crew just how he wants it done. Like everything in the movie, the shot has been meticulously storyboarded.

Supergirl sneers at the villain. “What’s your obsession with missiles, Lex? Are you trying to compensate for something?”

Hey, the movie’s got humor, action, sex and beautiful women, plus a director who not only knows what he wants but how to get it. It does look like Vivid Superheroes can look forward to yet another hit.


Photo of Xander Corvus courtesy of Axel Braun/Vivid.