MiKandi Releases iBoobs App

SEATTLE — Adult app supplier MiKandi has announced the release of the iBoobs app, which was banned from both the Apple App store and Google’s App market.

"iBoobs is just simple fun for adults," said Jennifer McEwen, MiKandi's co-founder, "I know our users will be bouncing with joy when they get a hold of this app.”

Although the iPhone App store has banned all explicit apps, the open nature of Android is a different story, the company said.

"The great thing about the Android OS is that even if you can't get iBoobs from the Android Market, you can still get this and other uncensored adult apps through MiKandi," McEwen said. "We're basically the Las Vegas of app stores.”

The company said it is focused on releasing new developer tools and improving the user experience for adult mobile entertainment. This week, the company released its Direct Inward Linking API enabling developers to drive new customers directly to their app details page within the store.

McEwen also announced that the company is beta testing its in-app billing API, a virtual currency platform that the company said is designed to make the purchase of adult apps on mobile devices simple and safe.

Users are able to purchase MiKandi Gold, the company's official currency to buy apps or in-app content.

"In the case of iBoobs, we hope this encourages new titillating in-app features," McEwen said.