pjur Survey Gauges Sex Trends, Lube Use in Germany

LUXEMBOURG — pjur group tapped TNS Infratest to conduct a survey last month in which 1,013 respondents ages 18-59 offered a peek into the sex trends among German adults.

Roughly two thirds of Germans (64 percent) reported believing that variety is important for a healthy sex life, and look to “stimulating aids” such as lube to make sex more intense. According to the survey one out of five Germans use lube for sex, but also for sensual massages.

“A peek into someone else’s bedroom is always titillating because you never know what you will see,” the company said. “pjur put the Germans to the test and found that their sex life is everything but boring. The most open-minded in this respect turned out to be the younger respondents of the survey.

Among the 18-29 year-olds, one out of 10 Germans harbors dreams of involving other people into the act of sex. More than one-third (38 percent) like to use sex toys, and one third (33 percent) uses lubricant gels or stimulating intimate sprays to add more spice to love play.

“What the survey also shows is that the use of lubricants and other sexual aids has an additional meaning for the older respondents,” the company said. “Eighty percent of the 40 to 49 year-olds stated that they use these products also as a means of prolonging the act of sex.”

The majority (roughly 70 percent) of the 50 to 59 year-olds who use lubricant gels also do so for medical reasons, for instance because of vaginal dryness. Seventy-five percent of the respondents in this age group also use lubricating products for relaxing massages.

The survey also showed a general lack of knowledge when it comes to lubes with 23 percent of the respondents reporting limited familiarity with its uses, including where it could be purchased.

To view the survey results, visit pjur.com.