Hustler Video Announces Plans for New 3D Parodies

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — Hustler Video on Thursday announced that it will produce a slate of new parodies based on modern day TV and film favorites that will be shot in 3D and released later this year.

The company, which now has the ability to film exclusively in 3D, said that coming this fall and winter to DVD and Blu-ray players would be Hustler Video’s next generation of 3D parodies: "This Ain’t Conan the Barbarian XXX 3D," "This Ain’t X-Men XXX 3D," "This Ain’t Terminator XXX 3D" and "This Ain’t Flashdance XXX 3D."

“I’m really excited about doing a parody of Conan,” said Hustler Video Creative Director Drew Rosenfeld. “The movie as a whole is already so sensual, it’ll be great to actually make a porn spoof and show the sex scenes that they can’t show you in mainstream movies. We’ve been so focused on special FX for "This Ain’t Avatar XXX 3D," "This Ain’t Ghostbusters XXX 3D," and "This Ain’t Harry Potter XXX 3D" we wanted to add another element — action. This movie in 3D is going to rock. As for the 'X-Men' parody, we’ll be doing a sexed up lampoon of Chris Claremont’s classic era 'Uncanny X-Men.'

"It has so much potential to be the perfect porn parody. And then there’s 'Flashdance' …let’s face it. It made 'Dirty Dancing' look tame. This film has been begging to be parodied into a porn since the mid 80’s.”