Ginger Lynn's Auction Site Unveils Charlie Sheen Items

LOS ANGELES — Ginger Lynn on Tuesday opened the bidding on the first of several personal items she saved from her torrid five-year relationship with Charlie Sheen. The mementos are exclusively available at her recently launched auction site,

The iconic performer said she decided to share the unique pieces with the public after fielding several questions about Sheen during recent interviews.

“I’ve been doing press for the site — nothing major — but every time I do an interview all they want to talk about is Charlie. So I’m lying in bed last Tuesday, and I thought, ‘Oh my God, here it is,’” Lynn explained. “I have hundreds of personal items that Charlie gave to me. I’m one of those people that saves everything.”

And when Lynn says “everything” she means it.

“I have personal letters, handwritten poems and various gifts,” she told XBIZ. “I have books and memorabilia from his films; some of his baseball cards from ‘Eight Men Out,’ one of the shirts he wore in ‘Major League,’ and one of the t-shirts he made up special for our first public appearance together at Saugus Speedway…

“I thought this is the perfect opportunity for me to pass on to Charlie’s fans the special items that will mean more to them than they do to me at this time.”

Lynn continued, “I knew Charlie 15 to 20 years ago. I’m in no position to judge or comment on who he is today because I don’t know him any more. So this hopefully gives Charlie’s fans something they’ve been looking for. It gets more traffic to the site and helps give girls in the industry the opportunity to sell more things. So it’s a win-win for everybody.”

Lynn said the first item is a 1991 book called The Complete Drug Reference that Sheen gave her while she was in rehab. Sheen wrote a tongue-in-cheek message to Lynn inside the cover: "To Ging, From One Druggie to Another...Love, C."

The second item is a book of Sheen's own poetry called A Little Peace of My Mind that he self-published.

“It contains 103 poems that were written by Charlie and an inscription to me. The book is very difficult to find. I only know of one other copy. It’s in mint condition. It was sitting in a box at the bottom of my closet for 15 years,” Lynn said.

“It gives some insight into where Charlie was at the time. It’s a wonderful, wonderful book.”

Lynn said her favorite piece that debuts on the site today is a hand-written letter to her from Sheen that he composed when he was in rehab in 1990, shortly after his family held an intervention with him.

“You’ll see the softer side of Charlie,” Lynn said.

Lynn met Sheen in February of 1990 while she was on the set of “Young Guns II.”

“He had showed interest in meeting me prior to that and when he heard I was on the set, he flew to Arizona to meet me,” Lynn recalled. “After two weeks we had our first date and we were together nonstop after that for almost two years. Then we were on and off for the next three years.”

Lynn recalls the positive parts of their relationship.

“He was funny, kind, considerate, generous. …He was goofy, romantic, intelligent, articulate, inspirational — passionate. The Charlie that I knew was just a really great guy,” she said. “That’s obvious in many of the personal items that I’ll be making available. There are letters and cards and poems and books with inscriptions that he thought I would enjoy. There was a strand of pearls. … There are some items I’m not ready to part with yet. They’re wonderful. Some of them are sarcastic and funny. It’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that.”

Sheen on Monday was relieved of his duties as the star of CBS’s “Two and a Half Men,” the latest development in a saga that has made him perhaps the most-talked about celebrity in the country for the past two months. He became an even more notorious figure during the past two weeks as a result of a series of national TV interviews in which he bashed the creator of the “Two and a Half Men” and Alcoholics Anonymous, among other revelations.

Lynn said she created and designed on her own after attempting to auction personal items on other sites with limited success.

“I found I was having difficulty posting things I wanted to in other places, like mainstream websites and some of the other adult websites,” she explained. “They’re just so difficult to post on and it’s so difficult to get accepted. They’re not run well. So I bought the software and created the site myself with the intention that I wanted women in the adult industry as well as men to have an outlet to sell anything and everything they wanted to in an easy environment. That’s how GingerLynnAuctions came to be. My goal is for it to be the largest adult auction site in the world.”

Lynn began posting items in late 2010, but she did not really begin promoting the site until the beginning of this year. Now she has more than 300 items online, including authentic pieces from numerous well-known porn stars.

“And we have buyers and sellers worldwide, from Russia to Japan to Canada. There are people posting I’ve never met before and girls coming on there I don’t know. You don’t have to be in adult to post. If you’re a wife that wants to post and put her panties on there you can. There is a category for anything and everything,” Lynn said.

She continued, “It’s easy to use and easy to navigate. There are no basic posting fees at all. Unless you make money you don’t spend anything. After being around for 30 years and having bins and bins of wardrobe I’ve worn on film and awards I've won and wonderful pieces of memorabilia from my adult career, I wanted to make some of it available for the fans.

"I know many other girls want to do the same. They bring their own clothes to the set, wear them once or twice and then they can’t wear them anymore. This gives fans an opportunity to purchase items and have a piece of history.”

Lynn said she had not spoken to Sheen “in over 15 years.”

“I wish him all the best,” she said. “I hope he is happy and things go well and he finds what he’s looking for. My No. 1 priority is my family and my friends. We’re just different people today.”

Depending on the demand, Lynn she would post additional items related to Sheen “at least several times a week, if not more.”

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