‘Breakin’ ’Em In' Returns for Vince Vouyer Unleashed

LOS ANGELES — It’s rare that a relative porn newcomer performs in completely uninhibited fashion. Factor in a cheerful attitude, angelic face and an all-natural, 34F rack and that makes a seasoned shooter like Vince Vouyer take notice quick.

Vouyer has seen plenty of premium pussy in 17 years in front of and behind the camera, so he knows a sex star when he sees one. Enter Haley Cummings, a 19-year-old former McDonald’s employee from Daytona Beach, Fla., whose penchant for naughtiness has inspired Vouyer to revive the “Breakin’ ’Em In” line, one of the best-known and most critically acclaimed series of his directing career.

The line, which made its debut in 2001, is all about new girls testing their limits, often doing things on camera for the first time. After careful consideration, Vouyer has decided that Cummings is the ideal candidate to do the honors of reintroducing the series to the fans and the industry.

“I’ve been looking for the right girl for this because I have to get excited about it to shoot it,” Vouyer tells me, adding that “maybe one in every 50” girls is even worth considering for the hard-charging series, which is not intended for the squeamish viewer. “When the right one comes along I jump on it. This is an upbeat, aggressive series where these girls are put to the test. It’s usually their idea to do these things.”

The president and namesake of Vince Vouyer Unleashed reveals that he originally received a tip from longtime colleague Erik Everhard about Cummings, who has performed in about 50 titles in the past year. “I first shot her for my teen line ‘Cum Glazed.’ It was OK, it went well,” Vouyer recalls.

“But then I brought her back for a b.j. scene in ‘POV Junkie 4’ and it was like a whole new girl in front of me. Her personality was different. She was totally fired up. And she looked different from the first time. And that got me thinking…”

As Vouyer began pondering possible scenarios it became evident there was big potential with blasting both of Cummings’ holes.

“I talked to her and said, ‘well you’re doing anal already, what’s something you haven’t done yet?’” Vouyer says.

It turns out Cummings had been intrigued by the thought of a double-penetration scene.

“I had never done one and I wanted to do one in my personal life,” Cummings admits. “I always masturbate in the shower and stick a finger up my ass.”

That brings us to today’s set, which is a stylish loft space on the outskirts of downtown L.A., where Cummings will get double-penetrated for the first time courtesy of Vouyer & Co. When I arrive she is in the middle of a pretty-girl pose-down with ace still photographer Alan Raz.

Leaving nothing to chance, Vouyer booked Cummings a month and a half in advance. Once she was confirmed, he did not take long to deliberate on who would anchor the d.p.

“Who better to do the job than Everhard who has been in so many of my ‘Breakin’ ’Em In' movies,” Vouyer reasoned. And who are we to question that decision, especially since today Vouyer is wearing a red t-shirt that says “Trust Me…I’m a Director” across the chest.

Vouyer asked Everhard to recommend the critical second man in the D.P., and 10-year veteran Mr. Pete got the call.

Everhard and Pete have tag-teamed numerous girls, so many they literally have lost count. D.P.’s, Everhard explains, are akin to driving a car with a manual transmission.

“You have to remember when to hit the brake and the clutch and shift and all that,” Everhard says, adding that working for Vouyer was part of his “Porno 101” training. The perennial stud will celebrate his 13-year anniversary banging girls for a living in April.

Cummings, meanwhile, is experiencing zero pre-scene jitters. “I’m all about this today,” she tells me.

Her only concern seems to be finding the right lube so she can insert her butt-plug to get herself ready for action.

“I was built for porn,” Cummings says. “I love it. It’s the best job ever.”

A cheerleader and a self-proclaimed “slut” in high school, Cummings tells me being busty has its advantages.

“I get a lot of attention from guys. And if I go to a restaurant by myself I get a lot of free stuff,” she says.

After testing out her butt-plug, Cummings turns to her co-stars and says, “Am I gonna get sandwiched by you guys?”

Find out what happened when Vince Vouyer Unleashed releases “Breakin’ ’Em In 13 through Jules Jordan Video on March 17.

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