Pink Visual Leads in Mobile, Tech Markets

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Pink Visual continues to carve out marketshare in the adult mobile sector and now serves more than 30 million visitors a month to its mobile sites.

Starting with the launch of an iPhone-optimized site in 2008, the studio has made growth of its mobile division its top priority, Pink Visual President Allison Vivas said in a press release.

"Although our initial mobile site didn't break through in terms of popularity for a year after it was launched, all along we knew the mobile market had huge potential," Vivas said.

"The first time we got to play around with a truly full-featured smartphone, our eyes just lit up, and we thought 'this is going to be big.'"

From launching its iPad-optimized site days before the device was available in the U.S. to its dabbling with augmented reality technology, Vivas says that being ahead of the curve in its adoption of new consumer technologies is a cornerstone of Pink Visual's business strategy.

The studio's latest offer is live, interactive, mobile-optimized porn shoots that are provided free to members of Pink Visual's subscription websites (nonsubscribers can purchase access to the shows separately at The next of these live events, featuring performer Phoenix Marie, is slated for March 4 at 2 p.m. PST.

"We've done several live shoots already as part of our partnership with, testing the content delivery across different devices and searching for the optimal approach to offer cross-platform compatibility," Vivas said. "The live streaming now works on Android devices, Apple's various mobile gadgets and desktop PCs, so we're covering quite a range of users."

Vivas said that Pink Visual plans to beta launch its new offering, that represents a new content distribution platform for the company and a major departure in the company's traditional subscription-based business model.

"With, we're rolling out a one-time purchase model, in which users can buy a scene and then access that scene on any of a wide range of devices, forever, without paying another cent for that continued access," Vivas said. "Our theory is that this model might have a strong appeal for consumers who might be wary of subscriptions and recurring charges, and that the convenience, flexibility and low price point might make purchasers out of some people who would otherwise look to obtain the same content for free from a pirated source."

All of its new products and services are being constructed with the consumer experience in mind, Vivas said.

"One of the byproducts of our exploration and experimentation with new consumer technologies is a renewed focus on the user perspective," Vivas said. "Playing around with new gadgets, apps and software as much as we do puts us squarely back in the consumer's shoes, which is an important position to understand, no matter what sort of product your company sells."