VODMoney, East Media Introduce Mobile VOD Solution

BASKING RIDGE, N.J. — VODMoney has introduced its mobile pay-per-minute/pay-per-view platform, AVL Mobile.

The company said the platform bridges the gap between desktop-laptop and portable-mobile access.

VODMoney's new mobile access platform allows the end-user to login to their existing account and access content via any device.

The users' account information remains unchanged, allowing on-the-go purchase and usage of their streaming time and movie rentals.

The company said that the majority of mobile offerings in the adult arena are focused on either the paysite/membership or pay-per-clip model. By extending true on-demand delivery methods to mobile devices, VODMoney said it is able to give consumers what they want on their own terms.

“Monetizing the mobile consumer via the pay-as-you-go model adds to the bottom line of both our content owners and affiliates," said Nikita Sukhin, CEO of VODMoney.

"Through our conscious re-engineering efforts, we continue to adapt to the fast paced business and technology changes in the VOD marketplace."

Affiliates of VODMoney will further profit from this new addition, the company said.

"Our affiliates will see an increase in their sales, as well as improved customer retention," said Chris Rogers, VODMoney business development manager.

"There are no questionable re-directs to third parties, no up-sells, or cross-sells. It's a fluid experience for users to login, stream video, and of course pay — all on their mobile phones in the exact same manner that they would from their desktop or laptop. Their interface is optimized for their device, but their account and content remains what it always was."

East Media Group content manager Susan Ahmed said the benefits of these new offerings are not just limited to the affiliates' bottom line or consumer experience.

"Our content owners will begin to reap the benefits of having their movies exposed to a greater audience," Ahmed said.

"Best of all, content owners make money from every minute their content is viewed on mobile devices, a feature that distinguishes us from many other existing mobile solutions. This is a completely new user experience all around."

VODMoney's new mobile VOD platform is compatible with most mobile devices including iPhones, iPads, iPods, Android-based phones and tablets, Blackberry devices, and all devices running Symbian and MS Windows Mobile OS.