HotMovies Wins XBIZ Award for Best VOD Site

PHILADELPHIA — won the XBIZ award for Best Video on Demand Website.

The company said with intense competition on the web, Video on Demand sites have to work hard to stand out, and the sheer amount of content at may have helped it along. Currently they have more than 150,000 movies.

But according to director of business development James Cybert, size isn't everything.

"At Hot Movies, we're fans ourselves," he said.

"We know what we want from a streaming porn site and we give it. Customers get fast high-quality video, accurate information about scenes and stars, the most powerful recommendation system in the industry. All so they can search and watch adult videos easily — ideally with one hand," he said.

"Our employees put us over the top. From the developers and the crack web design team to the 24- hour customer service department, our attention to detail and love of the product shine through.