Webbilling Wins XBIZ Biller of the Year Award

FORT LAUDERDALE — E.U. non-card billing company Webbilling was honored again with the 2011 XBIZ Award for Biller of the Year (Alternative).

The company said it has enjoyed swift industry expansion through platform innovations culminating in the second XBIZ Award honor for among other things the unique ability to provide the marketing capability typically identified with credit card joins for alternative solutions.

“The 2010-2011 XBIZ Awards have provided the external validation and acknowledgment that Webbilling is a unique provider in the processing vertical,” global operations manager Ines Petersen said.

“Webbilling has proven that you can’t assume you are already covered for these joins with your current solutions.”

Webbilling can provide flexibility in customization of various aspects of the system in a number of countries.

The company offers an expanding the platform that includes the addition of new countries for direct debit, a merchant roster and ongoing merchant innovation generating additional revenues, and the addition of an instant guaranteed payment process for the German speaking market with Spain in testing and more countries coming.