X Scenes Launches Online Video Technology

SILICON VALLEY — X Scenes, a new adult online video service announced its launch today.

According to the company, the service offers software to adult online video websites that allow videos to be more discoverable, enhanced and makes the viewing process more personal.

"X Scenes will drive more users to a video site and increase customer retention many times over," the company stated.

The offering allows users to make scenes of their favorite video moments and gives the ability to jump to a specific point at any time.

In addition, the company said X Scenes lets users save and search each scene created without the use of bookmarks and remix scenes for customized compilations.

The technology can also be used as a social networking tool for sites where users can share and follow other users with similar tastes, suggest similar videos based on user behavior and track user viewing habits.

"The uses for this technology are only limited by the creativity of the webmaster," the company said.

A wide range of pricing options are available for all levels of websites.

More information from info@xscenes.com.