Classic Erotica Goes Paraben-free to Celebrate 28th Anniversary

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — In celebration of 28 years in adult cosmetic manufacturing, Classic Erotica has announced plans to update their entire product line to be paraben free in 2011.

“With alternative preservatives now available it’s a natural progression to give our customers the most health conscience product that we can,” says Jane Liszewski, vice president of sales and marketing. “For 28 years we’ve strived to give consumers products they trust and we’ll continue in that tradition for years to come.”

Parabens are a controversial synthetic preservative used in many cosmetics, personal care products and even some foods. Consumers are looking for modern, healthy body care products and Classic Erotica says it is answering that call.

Currently, a majority of Classic Erotica’s product line, such as all Coochy shave creams and the new Simply Sensual line, have been updated to the paraben free formulas. The remaining products are in the conversion process and a paraben-free logo will be added to the packaging so it’s easily recognizable to the public.

The complete line is scheduled to be paraben-free by the end of 2011.

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