AIM Healthcare Reopens Under New Name, Status

VAN NUYS, Calif. — AIM Healthcare has changed its status from non profit to a private corporation, reopening for full services under a new name, AIM Medical Associates.

"We're up and running and here to stay" AIM CEO Sharon Mitchell said.

"Yes, we're back and still providing the same important services for early detection HIV, STDs (testing and treatment), doctor visits, and general health checkups. From pap smears, to pelvic exam, we continue to provide the same stellar service in a one-stop visit."

As a private corporation, AIM no longer has to answer to Los Angeles County’s Health Department, instead it will now be regulated by the California Medical Association.

AIM said it plans to provide more services, both on the Internet and in house, while continuing relationships with current clients and bringing on new ones.

"We at AIM would like to take the opportunity to thank our board of directors for their commitment to the mission, serving without compensation, despite unfair adversities, Mitchell said.

“Most of all, AIM would like to thank you, our clients who kept us going these last two months. Through your support, we knew that we would once again look forward to this day, and being of service to you. Thank you."