Topco Sales’ Private Dancer Pole Appears on 'Jersey Shore'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Topco Sales’ Private Dancer Pole Kit appeared on the Jan. 28 episode of MTV’s “Jersey Shore.”

"We were thrilled to see the Private Dancer Pole on Jersey Shore," said Desiree Duffie, Topco Sales' director of marketing and public relations. "I'm sure that Snooki and her housemates are going to have a lot of crazy nights with Topco's pole in their living room!"

"In the "Drunk Punch Love" episode, Jersey Shore's Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Vinny Guadagnino head to The Love Shack to purchase a stripper pole for the house, because, as Vinny states, "[The] house needs a stripper pole!"

It would seem that Snooki agrees, pausing only to inquire, "It doesn't come up as 'stripper pole' on my credit card, right? My dad would be like 'what the fuck?!'"

A clip from the episode can be seen on US Magazine’s website and the full episode can be found on MTV’s website.

Retailers can capitalize on the pole’s TV appearance by contacting Topco for a free downloadable “Jersey Shore” themed poster.