D.A.V.E. Releases Jack Pump

SAN FRANCISCO — Adult toy producer Direct Advantage (D.A.V.E.) has released the all new Jack Pump made for the casual pumper looking for added excitement and a little aesthetic appeal.

The Jack Pump has all the features of a classic pump but with new colors and a price point that can’t be beat, the company said.

The Jack Pump features a high-quality rubber bulb, convenient nine-inch hose and push-button release for ease of use, with an 8.5-inch long cylinder available in Blue Wave, Black Magic and Red Devil colors. A soft rubber seal ensures the most effective and comfortable vacuum sensation.

“While there are similar pumps already on the market, the Direct Advantage Jack Pumps offer a greater profit margin to both distributors and retailers, making them a perfect addition to any product offering,” D.A.V.E. CEO Bob Wolf said.

As with all D.A.V.E. items, the Jack Pump is packaged in three-inch slatwall-friendly clamshells and wholesale for $10.30 with a MSRP of $23.99-$29.99. It is available via D.A.V.E. and wholesale distributors nationwide. .