FameDollars Announces New Positions

MONTREAL — Gamma Entertainment has announced the promotion of Vivian Paguio to press relations and social media manager and Derrick Gilbert as the new affiliate manager.

The company said the new changes are being made in order to adapt to the current technological trends. Paguio was tapped to manage all press relations, making sure that FameDollars gets the maximum exposure and presence in the both digital and print realm as well as oversee the social media aspect of the industry.

The company said Gilbert is experienced in affiliate management and has shown that he has the skill set to take this undertaking to the next level.

"I've been a part of the FameDollars team for two years now and I've seen the program flourish and expand at breath-taking speed, “ Gilbert said.

“With Joel Drapeau, Magalie Rheault and Vivian Paguio steering the ship, we've been able to add many new partners and offer exciting and creative ways of promoting them. I'm honored to be taking over Vivian's affiliate management responsibilities and look forward to be working with our affiliates on a much closer basis."

Director of product and development Magalie Rheault said Gilbert has been with the company for a long time and has evolved throughout different divisions.

"He has great experience and knows trends of our industry and was a natural fit," Rheault said.

“Veev moving to public relations and social media also followed a natural flow. Veev has deep know-how regarding social media marketing, is very creative and has good business relations. This job was definitely for her. Our team is expanding and getting stronger, this can only be good.”

Paguio will still manage review sites. For any other affiliate-related questions, contact Derrick Gilbert at derrick@famedollars.com.