Lupe Fuentes Launches Fashion Line

LOS ANGELES — Latin adult star Lupe Fuentes wants to set the fashion world on fire — for petite women.

The Wicked Girl has launched her own clothing line called "Sexy Little Angel" that will only offer sizes in small, petite and tiny.

The diminutive Fuentes said the world is obsessed with plus size people and tiny people have been ignored.

Fuentes said, "One size does not fit all. While it might fit most of the women of the world, women small like me don’t have much to choose from when it comes to wearing something sexy. I was fed up with trying things on in stores from designers I admire; only to find nothing would fit me.”

She added, "In America, there are all of the plus size stores for those who are big, or overweight, when the ideal for many is to be thin and fit. I have nothing against women who are overweight, but I can’t shop in their stores."

The line is comprised of a few collections, including the "Teenie Bikinis" and Fuente's "Crazy Pants." The line will also include shoes, accessories and more.

Fuentes said, “I have always had an eye for fashion. Even when I was living in Spain, I would buy clothes and cut them apart so I could wear them. I love skin tight clothing that shows my shape because I work very hard to keep my body in shape. Now, every small girl and woman who wants to show off their bodies will have a brand they can count on to let them feel like a rock star!”

The star said she will also offer an exclusive VIP club and will host "Sexy Little Angel Parties" for petite girls to try on clothes, listen to music, and party together. "We will take lots of photos and videos, put them online, and create something beyond a clothing line, this will be a lifestyle,” she said.

Fuentes new line includes small and petite sizes that are comparable to standard sizes XS, XXS and "tiny" — an original size that Fuentes designed for herself.

The line was recently launched at Las Vegas' Palazzo hotel's LAVO nightspot where Fuentes, Rosemary Radeva and a dozen models from the Las Vegas Platinum agency walked the catwalk. Adult film star Jesse Jane also made a surprise guest appearance.