LoveHoney Streets Water-based Sqweel Lube

BATH, England — LoveHoney has released Sqweel Lube, a water-based “sliquifier designed to enhance the tongue-tastic technique” of the Sqweel oral sex toy.

“The key to Sqweeling the night away is lube, and the secret is squeezing a generous amount of Sqweel Lube on the sweet spot before you start,” LoveHoney Product Representative Hannah Warmington said. “We created a special formula that stays smooth and slick no matter how fast the Sqweel starts spinning — the sensation is amplified tenfold with just one squirt!”

LoveHoney said it consulted with the chemist team at U.S.-based body-conscious lubricant manufacturer Sliquid to create the water-based, silicone-compatible lube.

LoveHoney recently introduced new Sqweeler accessories, including the Pearl, Wave and Tingle, each of which offer a different texture.