Doctors Charged With Sexy Cora’s Death

HAMBURG — State prosecutors have charged two doctors who performed breast enlargement surgery on Sexy Cora with negligent manslaughter.

Sexy Cora died Thursday more than one week after suffering a heart attack and falling into a coma during breast enlargement surgery at the Alster Clinic in Hamburg

A spokesman for the prosecutor’s office said doctors who responded to an emergency call to the clinic called police and filed charges.

A statement from the clinic said the doctors were "extremely upset and deeply regret the death of the patient " and that they are giving "full and complete support" to investigators.

"As matters stand currently a defect in the anesthetizing device can be ruled out," the clinic statement said.

"The claim that the monitoring could have given readings other than the actual vital functions of the patient has nothing to do with the facts and has no connection to reality."

An autopsy will take place next week and the cause of death "is still unclear," the prosecutor’s spokesman said.

"Erroneous behavior by the doctors is unproven and at this point just an 'assessment' by one of the emergency medical personnel who'd brought Ms. W to the University Clinic Hamburg," the clinic said. "Why the emergency doctor only appeared 20 to 25 minutes after the alarm was called is currently being checked."