LiveCamCash to Release Bombshell McGee Video

TORONTO — Video and photos of celebrity mistress Michelle “Bombshell” McGee will be released by LiveCamCash this week, the company announced today.

The former OnHerCam model was made famous for her public affair with Discovery TV's "Choppers" personality Jesse James.

“This is another exclusive to LiveCamCash and the buzz behind it is far from gone," LiveCamCash CEO Abbie Sadek said.

"Michelle's recent appearances on such highly rated shows as CNN, Jimmy Kimmel, Chelsea Lately, Saturday Night Live and Howard Stern have helped propel her into the entertainment world’s glaring spotlight and now is your time to get your links up to this video exclusive."

The company said TMZ reported that McGee and actor Charlie Sheen were caught together in Las Vegas last week and that McGee is about to launch a new “Celebrity Cheaters” reality show along with Jamie Junger of Tiger Woods fame.

“This is perfect timing to get the videos out. This goes to show you that the ‘Bombshell’ is still grabbing headlines which means more money for you," LiveCamCash’s Derek ’Dwreck’ Smout said.

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