Owner Sees Bright Future

CYBERSPACE — The new owner of is still deciding the best way to develop the domain name, but says the revenues he’s received from the site have already far exceeded his expectations.

The owner, who didn’t want his identity revealed, told TechCrunch that the site, which is currently set up as a placeholder for ads, gets more than 125,000 visitors a day, mostly from the U.S., India and Germany, and is on track to see a return of seven figures a year.

The owner also said that he’s received a handful of offers from mainstream media, technology companies and even from a pharmaceutical company.

He added that the reason he hasn’t jumped into online porn is because he didn’t want to close the door to other mainstream opportunities or limit the ability to take the business public in the future.

For now, the owner said his team has set a deadline and is working on picking the right business model.