TLA RAW Launches Used Product Buyback Program

PHILADELPHIA — Sex toy retailer TLA RAW announced its Used Product Buyback Program today where customers can sell back their used or unwanted adult DVDs and Blu-ray discs in exchange for TLA Rewards.

The company said the rewards can be used as credit towards future purchases made at any TLA shopping destination.

Customers can search the company's database of adult products to sell their products.

The TLA RAW editorial staff then reviews each product within one business day and provides an offer for each item and the amount of credit in TLA Rewards the company is willing to pay. The customer can then accept or decline the offer.

TLA RAW managing director Brian Sokel said, “This is a service that we have wanted to offer to our visitors for a long time. The program is easy to use and takes advantage of our already wildly popular TLA Rewards program where customers receive cash back for each dollar they spend with us for future purchases. It’s really a great, seamless program.”

Details on the new Buyback program can be found here.