Lee Roy Myers Film at the Center of BitTorrent Suit

DALLAS — Adding to his growing list of BitTorrent lawsuits, Texas attorney Evan Stone has filed another copyright infringement claim against 247 John Does on behalf of distributor Adult Source Media.

The complaint, filed today at U.S. District Court in Dallas, claims that the defendants used BitTorrent sites to participate in the unlawful reproduction and distribution of plaintiff’s copyrighted motion picture, “Hot for Teachers.”

The film was produced by veteran director Lee Roy Myers who last summer debuted his lesbian studio, Nightingale Pictures. The studio’s titles are released through Adult Source Media.

“A defendant’s distribution of even one unlawful digital copy of a motion picture via the Internet, particularly through the BitTorrent protocol, can result in worldwide distribution of that single copy to a limitless number of people in a matter of hours,” the suit said.

“Plaintiff now seeks redress for this rampant infringement of its exclusive rights in the motion picture ‘Hot for Teachers.’”

The plaintiff is asking that the court enjoin the defendants from further copying and distributing the copyrighted work and seeks damages along with attorneys fees.