LotzaDollars Adds Webbilling E.U. Non-Card Payments

FORT LAUDERDALE — LotzaDollars.com announced it has expanded site development and marketing by adding the Webbilling.com European Direct Debit billing platform to capitalize on potential E.U. conversions in its traffic.

The company said all E.U. affiliates can now send credit and non-card traffic to the LotzaDollars site portfolio and convert with additional payment options now in place.

In making the decision to add the Webbilling payment capability, the owner of LotzaDollars said that global trends continue to evolve and the strength of the Euro and British pound against the U.S. dollar will likely remain the case for some time.

“I wanted to be certain we are taking every possible advantage of available billing technology and payment options to optimize our revenue potential across the board," LotzaDollars owner Ed said.

"While we might remain credit card focused, why should we lose even one sale because we did not have a user’s preferred payment option in place?”

LotzaDollars now bills users with the Webbilling Direct Debit purchase option for Spain, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom for the up to 75 percent of users who will not use a credit card online with no card of any kind required for a join, and will expand country coverage with Webbilling through 2010 and beyond.

“Competition for paid-site-conversions is intense these days, it is more important than ever to do everything to convert each and every surfer landing on your sites," said Ines Petersen, global operations director at Webbilling.com.

"You are working harder for every visitor and affiliates especially want to be assured you are doing everything possible to convert their traffic. It is very important to every affiliate that their program of choice converts any traffic from anywhere in the world.”