LoveHoney Debuts Custom Sqweevee, Sqweeler Accessories for Sqweel Oral Sex Toy

BATH, England — LoveHoney, the brand behind the Sqweel oral sex simulator, has debuted Sqweeler accessories and the Sqweevee attachment.

Sqweelers are a series of textured inserts. It includes the Pearl — a firm textured insert with a studded “tongue,” giving strong and steady power; the Wave, which features a circle of “mini tongues” that stroke the skin while two wave-like frills on either side hug the tongues close to the clitoris; and Tingle — the softest of the three Sqweelers, offering dozens of tiny tingling throngs.

"The Sqweeler attachments were part of my initial Sqweel design,” Sqweel creator and designer Trevor Murphy said. “By adding inserts with various textures the Sqweel can give a variety of sensations and people could explore which ones they like best.”

The attachments have a MSRP of $10.

The Sqweevee is a Sqweel attachment that allows the user to attach a vibrator for a clitoral and vaginal experience. Murphy said he came up with the design after learning many customers loved using two toys at once, but was a bit of a handful to pull off.

“I read a lot of Sqweel reviews and several people said they wished they could use their favorite vibrator with the Sqweel, but it was a bit tricky to hold both toys in place,” Murphy said.

The Sqweevee can be used in conjunction with any classic torpedo-style vibe, the company said. The attachment is available in hot pink and black with a MSRP of $14.99.

Sqweelers and the Sqweevee will be available in early December.

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