CBS2 Goes Inside Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch Tonight

CARSON CITY, Nev. — A two-part series featuring Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch, the girls who work there and the brothel’s changing business model begins tonight on CBS2 news.

The crew from the news station was allowed full access to the Love and Bunny Ranch and spent several days shooting at the locations interviewing brothel owner Dennis Hof as well as a number of working girls including students, mothers, housewives and even grandmothers.

The general manager of the Love Ranch said the brothels have seen a tremendous increase in applicants.

“I think there has been a resurgence in the legal brothel industry,” general manager Marc Medoff told XBIZ.

“As the economy has tanked, business has soared in terms of customers, profits and women applying for work.”

Medoff said that those women who before would not even consider it, are now coming to work at the brothels to pay for their education, support their families and pay their bills.

“It has become a viable means of support,” he said. “Now we’re becoming mainstream. It’s okay to work in a legal brothel.”

Medoff said the brothels have changed their business model to accommodate this new workforce and their schedules.

Medoff said the demand to work is so strong, the company purchased two new brothels outside of Las Vegas to be able to accommodate all the applicants.

The first part of the story airs tonight on CBS2 at 11 p.m. PST. Next week KCAL will run Part 2, which will feature one woman's incredible journey to get back on her feet.