Sabrina Deep Talks 'Fanbang'

NEW YORK — Adult performer Sabrina Deep spoke with XBIZ regarding the DVD release of “Fanbang With Sabrina Deep,” in which Deep performed with 40 fans in Los Angeles on Sept. 25. The DVD, directed by Beth Ann Rafael, streets Dec. 14 and is distributed by Loaded Digital/Metro Media.

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Deep, who is best known for performing with her male fans on and off camera, is currently in New York making the media rounds, including an appearance on The Howard Stern Show earlier today. Deep has also traveled extensively throughout the world appearing in a number of gangbangs, including having sex with 40 fans in her “Fanbang With Sabrina Deep” DVD. She is also known for her World Bukkake Tour ( ), which has taken Deep to France, Germany, Japan, Canada, and all over the U.S.

From her midtown hotel room, Deep discussed her newly released DVD, her relationship with Metro, and why she feels the “mainstream” adult industry keeps her at arms length.

Did Metro approach you or did you approach them regarding doing this fanbang?

They called me. They called me when I was in Germany, actually. I was on my World Bukkake Tour and doing some gangbangs there. They contacted me while I was there and said, 'Hey, let’s get together.' A few months later we hammered it all out and I was on a plane to LA to start filming. They just heard about what I did and called me just like that.

Why was a circus theme chosen for the fan bang?

I didn’t pick it so I can’t actually tell you why. But I thought it was brilliant. I thought it was appropriate. At first I was like, 'What are you talking about?' But then when you think about it for a little while, a gangbang, a circus, it works.

Can you tell me about the 'Fan Stalker' series.

For the last four years that’s what I’ve been doing, having sex with my fans. Metro contacted me because they picked up on what I was doing. And they said, 'Can we do a movie based on what you’re already doing. We’ll get together a bunch of guys, lesser known actors, and we’ll pretend they’re your fans and you can stalk them.' I said, 'I’ll do it but I don’t want to do lesser known actors. I want to do my fans. So why don’t we just stick an application for them on the web somewhere and have people apply.' They said, 'Great!' It’s them hiring me to do a movie of what I already do. So it’s just a reality sort of bit. It’s reality porn if you want.

Will you work with Metro again in the future?

Oh yeah, absolutely. If they were to call me I absolutely would in a heartbeat. It’s just a fabulous team of people over there. It’s like a family almost. [Just] a great group of people working over there. Really helpful, friendly and accommodating. I think we all just had a lot of fun with it, if I could say that. It’s not really like work when you’re all getting a long and having fun. I was sad to leave LA actually because I felt I had so many friends there now. I didn’t want to leave. And I had all my fans still. There’s still more people to meet, there’s always more guys that couldn’t make it during that week. There’s so much reason to not go but you got to keep moving on.

Do you feel the mainstream side of the industry keeps you at arms length because of the type of content you shoot and are known for?

I have felt that. When I first started to get big with what I was doing, there was that actually. No one’s ever asked me that before but there was that. There was this, 'What you’re doing is wrong and scary and you’re inviting the potential of all kinds of bad things to happen to good adult performers.'

I did get that sort of backlash in a lot of ways because I frequent a lot of the forums, and I would get a huge amount of reactions when I first put my phone number on my site and invited fans to call me. A lot of people reacted badly to that.

At the same time there were a lot of people who, like me, saw that this was really where we need to be going because Internet porn and porn in general has gotten to be really cold. There is this sort of attitude that the guys who watch porn are this really scary bunch of wankers who you’d never want to run into in a dark alley. That’s not the case at all. We need to open it up that most people watch porn. Even women, who don’t necessarily go and buy porn, but if they find let's say a porn magazine lying around in a place where they can look at it without fear of somebody walking in on them, they’re going to look at it all and probably masturbate either then or later thinking about what they’re looking at. It is sexually exciting. But now there’s more of an embracing of what I’m doing. I think people really get it.

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Photo courtesy of Metro Media.