New 'Avatar' Suit Boosts Defendant Total to 7,164

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — While the 4Chan splinter group was busy sending out orders last week for a DDoS attack on, Larry Flynt Publications filed more suits targeting users of BitTorrent networks.

In the latest suit, filed Friday, LFP sued 2,619 John Doe defendants who allegedly poached "This Ain’t Avatar XXX 3D” — its fourth suit involving the film that now counts 7,164 defendants.

LFP said the defendants used, and to obtain the video, a spoof on the mainstream movie "Avatar," which had a working budget that was three times that of a normal adult feature and has become a blockbuster for the studio since its release in September.

LFP is asking a U.S. District Court judge to give the green light to order the identities of the Does from scores of Internet service providers. Attorney Evan Stone of Dallas, Texas, filed the suit on behalf of LFP.

Friday's DDoS, or a distributed denial of service, attack was spurred by "Anonymous," a group that brands its initiative as Operation Payback.

The group targeted with an unknown amount of external communications requests. In less than three minutes, the group was able to take down the site, but LFP was able to thwart their efforts and the site reappeared in less than two hours.

LFP President Michael Klein has defended his company's legal challenges to the Does, saying, "Theft of content takes away from the company, performers, studio personnel and make-up artists."