Gay Performer Jason Creed Arrested in Fla.

BOCA RATON, Fla. — Gay porn star Jason Creed has been arrested on animal cruelty charges.

Authorities say Creed beat a three-legged puppy and choked it to death at his home.

The twink performer has starred in numerous productions for Sparta Video, Xtreme Productions and Factory Video Productions, as well as websites CircleJerkBoys and LollipopTwinks.

Moonshine, which was less than a year old, was found to have bruised ears and a bloody nose, according to a veterinarian report. The wolf-dog mix also had food stuck in his throat and likely choked to death.

Authorities were tipped by a friend of Creed, who was trying to have his dog's body cremated and asked him for money to pay for the procedure.

Police interviewed Creed's roommate and friends, who all said they had seen Creed abusing Moonshine in an attempt to discipline the animal. The roommate also said he bit off a piece of the dog's ear.

It's the second arrest this week for a gay performer. "Big Brother" reality TV star-turned gay performer Steven Daigle was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly beating his ex-boyfriend and fellow performer Trent Locke.