Larry Flynt Offers Carl Paladino a Job

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Hustler publisher Larry Flynt has offered New York Gubernatorial Tea Party candidate Carl Paladino an executive editor position at Hustler magazine.

Paladino has recently been the subject of an email controversy where he forwarded a series of pornographic and racially insensitive emails.

“It’s clear that ‘values purporting’ Carl Paladino has a keen instinct for kinky sex,” Flynt said.

“He is a natural pornographer who has a skilled eye for unusual views and acrobatics. Mr. Paladino has proven throughout his career that he knows how to monetize his interests and his penchant for pornography should be no different. Therefore, I‘d like to offer him the job of executive editor at Hustler magazine. It’s clear he’s better suited to join our team than be the governor of the state of New York.”

Still facing a firestorm over recent anti-gay comments, Paladino finds himself again having to defend his impulsive comments.

“At Hustler Magazine, we don’t ask for forgiveness and we don’t get lost in empty rhetoric,” Flynt said. “Paladino’s honest thoughts on homosexuality and sex will be a welcome fit.”