Immoral Productions Releases First Volume in New POV Series

LOS ANGELES — Immoral Productions has released the first volume in its new POV series, "Jay Rock's POV Vol. 1"

The company said it features five amateur Texas girls in various POV sex scenes.

“I was truly honored that I was blessed enough to get these five lovely ladies from the great state of Texas to have sex with me on film in point-of-view style," Immoral Productions director Jay Rock said.

"The five girls in my first volume all only appear only once in their lives on film. For these ‘yellow roses’ from Texas, the thrill of being in adult film was a onetime adventure they wanted to experience just for me. For this I am truly grateful.”

"Jay Rock's POV Vol. 1" is being distributed by Pure Play Media and releases Oct. 14.

“The movie has five of the cutest girls I have ever seen agree to appear in adult video," Pure Play Media CEO Richard Arnold said.

"I have to hand it to Jay Rock — he was in the right place at the right time and landed himself some pretty amazing talent."