High Society Mag Offering Teacher $60,000 to Pose Nude

NEW YORK — Adult magazine High Society has offered former New York City teacher Melissa Petro, ousted from her job for blogging about her former life as a hooker, $60,000 (a year’s salary) to pose nude.

The move came as a backlash to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s action to fire the Bronx teacher.

The company's VP of publishing Vincent Stevens told XBIZ, "It's really a political statement against the Mayor who seems to think he needs to control people's lives... i.e., he's considering the banning of smoking in parks, has demanded salt reduction in restaurants and has prohibited trans fats in foods...all fun stuff!"

High Society spokesperson Daniel Nardio said, "We thought he [Bloomberg] really undressed her by taking away her job. She was open about what she did and good at her job."

If Petro accepts, she’ll appear in the December issue of the magazine.