Katsuni to Appear at Sydney Sexpo

LOS ANGELES — French-Vietnamese adult star Katsuni, who lives in Paris, will continue her international tour with an appearance Oct. 14-17 at the Sydney Sexpo in Sydney, Australia.

Katsuni will be participating in two days of press conferences as well as autograph sessions at the event, where she will also promote her new brand of lingerie Petit Coeur (Little Heart in French).

Petit Coeur is currently distributed in Australia, New Zealand, France and Germany with more countries coming soon.

Katsuni said she wanted to take extra time with her Australian fans on this trip, so she booked three weeks worth of appearances. She'll do three different feature dance engagements from Melbourne to Perth, and also appear in different adult stores during her first trip to the continent.

"I'm really happy to have the opportunity to come in Australia," she said. "Porn really gives me the life I was dreaming of and even more! I just traveled for 24 hours to come here...and here I am in Melbourne, ready to dance tonight at the club The Men's Gallery. I can't wait to meet my fans and I really hope they will enjoy my performance."

Here is her schedule of appearances in Melbourne:

Thursday: Midnight : Show and autograph session at The Gentlemen’s Gallery

Friday: 12 to 2 a.m.: Show and autograph sessions at Club X -Crazy Horse Internet Complex

Saturday: Midnight : Show and autograph session at The Men’s Gallery and autograph session at Club X – Coburg Megastore

While in Australia, the starlet will also shoot for Australian Penthouse while wearing Petit Coeur fashions. She plans to post frequent updates on her blog.

For more on Katsuni, visit her site at ClubKatsuni.com.

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