Sportsheets Releases Interchangeable Crop Top System

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Sportsheets has introduced its new Interchangeable Crop Top System, a line consisting of two riding crops and nine interchangeable tops.

Created to cut down on clutter in the toy box, riding crop aficionados now have a choice of a 22-inch or 13-inch nylon-braided fiberglass shaft that pops onto the patent-pending coupler of nine different tops, the company said.

“No longer is your crop constrained with just one top,” said Todd Carter, Sportsheets marketing director, “you just pop in a new top to suit any sudden change in mood or tempo.”

The variety of tops include a Red Hand, Black Hand, Purple Heart, Split Slapper, Feather Tickler, Black Foot, Narrow Loop, Wide Loop and Flat Slapper.

The new line can be viewed at