Joanna Angel Blow Up Doll Launches Video Contest

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — The Joanna Angel Blow Up Doll has launched a video contest for a chance to win up to $1000 worth of toys and DVDs courtesy of Burning Angel Enterprises and Topco Sales.

The Joanna Angel Blow Up Doll was modeled after the real Joanna Angel, a writer, director, actor and the CEO of Burning Angel Enterprises.

“I know she looks harmless enough with that deer-in-the-headlights stare and those out-stretched arms that seem to welcome you into an intimate embrace,” the real Joanna Angel said. “But underneath that plastic exterior is an even more plastic interior. That blow up doll is evil! She tried to take over my porn empire and this Blow Joanna Up video contest is part of her maniacal plan to take over my life and then...take over the world.”

According to Desiree Duffie, Topco Sales director of marketing and public relations, “This isn't a plot to take over the world! It's a fun user-generated video contest designed to promote the Joanna Angel Blow Up Doll. Instead of people filming obnoxious videos of their pants on the ground or re-mashing Old Spice commercials, we're giving them a real challenge. There are a lot of lame memes and parodies out there and we're confident you can do more with a blow up doll than you can with Rick Astley — least that's what Rick's wife says.”