Home Made Media Streets 'Couples 13'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Home Made Media releases "Couples #13," featuring amateur couples having sex in their own homes.

In this fifth volume of the company's "Couples" series, "Couples #13" stars Chloe Johnston and Tyson Miller, Alexis Nichole and Tyler Menutt, Kori Lynn and Matt Lee, Kitty Duval and Caesar Agustus, and Nikki Daniels and Chad Diamond.

“The 'Couples' series is successful because it’s real couples fucking on tape, not real porn performers pretending to be amateurs,” said James Melendy, Black Market Owner.

“They’re not hard up for cash — they just get off on people watching. You would not believe the amount of couples who have contacted us to be in this specific series — it’s mindboggling.”