After Targeting 635, LFP Plans More Bit Torrent Suits

DALLAS — Larry Flynt Publications, which filed suit against 635 individuals on Friday, has waged the "first of many" copyright infringement lawsuits against bit torrent users who poach content online, XBIZ has learned.

"It's about time that LFP and the industry go after those who download our content, otherwise you can watch all of your efforts and your profit wither away," LFP Michael Klein told XBIZ. "There's a need [for litigation], and we can make a few dollars along the way."

Klein said that LFP has been successful in several litigated cases in Europe, but that the latest suit against 635 John Does would be the first bit torrent suit waged in the U.S. by the Beverly Hills, Calif.-based company.

"This is the first suit of many," he said. "And we chose to focus on the particular film because it's a new release, and one that would fall victim to the rampant piracy."

The suit, filed at U.S. District Court in Dallas, focuses on those who allegedly downloaded and distributed Hustler's “Barely Legal School Girls 6" via torrent sites,,,, and

The 635 Does named in the suit allegedly downloaded and distributed the video during the period Sept. 2-17.

LFP is asking for the court to order the Does' Internet service providers to reveal their identities. The ISPs identified in the suit run the gamut from blue-chip national providers to institutions, including Western New Mexico University and the MidMichigan Medical Center.

The copyright suit seeks damages, as well as attorneys fees. It is being waged by attorney Evan Stone of Denton, Texas.